I offer transforming DEI consulting & trainings to evolve your workplace culture with an innovative perspective. My workshops and training are thoughtfully designed to encourage diversity, equity, and inclusion, going beyond the ordinary. I can partner with you to develop a DEI strategy that not only supports but elevates your teams, creating a space that is both inclusive and pioneering.

In blending HR strategies & tools with inclusive principles, I bring an innovative edge to traditional methods. My audits are thorough and revealing, leading to training sessions that are anything but conventional. I’m geared towards equipping your teams with a creative and effective inclusivity toolkit.

I’m an HR strategist with the analytical mind of an engineer and the resilience of a marathon runner. I have 18 years of experience across various industries. I am a catalyst for change, inspiring inclusion and diversity in professional environments. Let’s create a meaningful impact together.

Agnieszka Halikowska

Experienced HR professional with 18+ years across industries like tech, finance, & healthcare, emphasizing on fostering inclusive, diverse work cultures.

Worked with & for:

Empowers organizations through applying effective diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) strategies, involving leadership of DEI initiatives, training programs, and policy implementation.

Customers’ voice:

“I loved it, it offered concrete suggestions to improve interactions within the team and aim at benefiting from everyone’s strengths.”

“Great presenter and a very informative lecturer. I wish all managers watched it and reflected on it.”

Passionately dedicated to neurodiversity advocacy, working tirelessly to promote understanding and inclusion for all neurotypes.

I’m a president of Fundacja Ponad Schematami

Check how we support neurodiversity.

Customers’ voice:

 You have truly been an inspiration. The session was fantastic, and I’m grateful for the insightful knowledge you shared on neurodivergent individuals. Thank you so much.”

“Learnt so much about various neurotypes humans have, indeed an insightful session.”